I’m sitting at my friend’s kitchen table in my Mey Rin wig having just finished making her Karkat horns and t shirt. Now we’re going to go lay on a Japanese futon in her living room and watch anime. When did my life turn into this?


I finally got my Mey Rin cosplay ordered today and I swear, if it even gets here in time it’ll be three days before the convention. That, and it’s three weeks and counting until I leave for Scotland and England! I find it very ironic that I’m cosplaying an English character literally a week before I’m on a plane to Glascow Scotland. I really hope that the food is decent over there…………*shudders*



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This makes me think of a black butler panel I went to in November where William T. Spears, Ronald, and Sebastian all stripped down to their shirts, much to Sebastian’s dismay and Grell’s satisfaction.

Getting Excited!!!

My first post and I find myself writing at 11:38 while watching Mulan, and thinking almost nonstop about Arkansas Anime Festival Spring 2014. I went to the one last November as my first con and cosplayed as Taiwan from Hetalia. It was a blast even if I hated my hoop skirt and my four foot long sleeves, and now I’m praying to whatever cosplay gods are listening that I can get my new cosplay so I don’t have to bring back Taiwan. I just hope that I don’t accidentally trip another cosplayer like I did last time. How I did that in a hoop skirt when he was twice my size I’ll never know.